7 Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Use Google PPC Ads

Google Ads provides local businesses with the ability to target local customers easily, helping to increase enquiries, sales or even brand awareness. In this article, we talk about our top 7 reasons as to why local businesses should use Google PPC ads.


Advertise to people searching directly for what you offer

Google Ads gives local businesses the ability to show their ads to users that are searching for what they offer. In that respect, PPC is one of the best paid marketing methods for achieving instant new business compared to the likes of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Ads. With social media advertising, campaigns are primarily targeted around brand awareness and a user is less likely to enquire after seeing an ad once. With PPC ads, the chances of a user enquiring once they click-through onto your website is much higher because the intent is much more targeted.

With Google Ads, you have the ability to decide which ‘keywords’ you choose to bid on and which locations you want your ads to serve. You can also add ‘negative keywords’ to prevent your ads from showing in certain searches irrelevant to your offerings. For example, a user may be searching for a Plumber local to their location:

By having your ads shown at the top of the page, you’re much more likely to receive a click from that user, and likely a conversion (enquiry, purchase, sign-up etc).


Show above competitors

Google Ads PPC allows you to set specific bids for your keywords, and you can adjust these bids based on where your ads are showing in search results. For example, one of the keywords you’re bidding on is ‘hairdresser near me’ – the current cost-per-click you have set for this keyword is £1.50, however, your ads are only being shown in the top ad positions in Google search 50% of the time they could be. To increase how often you’re ads are being shown in those top ad spots in search results, you will need to increase your bid for that keyword.

Top Tip – To keep on top of competitors, check your keyword bids in relation to your search impression metrics on a regular basis.

As of recently, Google has also started displaying ads inside what’s known as the ‘local pack’ in search results. Google’s local pack is a curated list of local businesses and services in a specific area where users can get business listing recommendations, check out photos and reviews and get other useful information. 

Above you can see how Google has placed ads inside the ‘local pack’. Users will see your business at the top of these local business listings and likely click-through to your landing page.


Keep advertising spend low by targeting local customers

When targeting a local area on Google Ads, you won’t need the same budget you would if you were to target nationwide. If you have a small to medium-sized ad budget for your PPC ads to begin with, your ads are going to show in more searches if you are to target a local radius around your business location than if you were to target nationwide. 

Google Ads also has a cool feature whereby you can exclude your ads from showing in particular locations – this can be useful if some locations often spend a lot and convert rarely. 

Alternatively, you can also add bid adjustments to locations you target – this is useful for increasing conversions in locations that are already converting well for you.


You’re local to your customers – that’s a USP!

As a business, you should definitely have USP’s (Unique Selling Points) – they can be a great way for users to determine why you’re different from competitors, and users often consider your USP’s when making a decision between you and a competitor. 

A great advantage of targeting local customers with Google Ads is that being a local business is a USP in itself! Users will often rather choose a local business than a business which is much further away from them. 

In Google Ads, you can add location extensions to your ads which not only make your ads bigger and take up more space in search results, but also let users know where your business is located – this can be a decision-maker for a lot of users so it’s important you’re utilising these in your campaigns!


Measurable ROI

Measuring your return-on-investment with any digital marketing method is relatively easy providing you have the appropriate analytics and conversion tracking installed, and it’s no different with Google Ads PPC. 

Setting up conversion tracking and web analytics is a vital part of any Google Ads account set up – it allows you to see how users are interacting on your website and will also allow Google to assign any conversions to the respective keywords that helped generated these conversions. By having this conversion data, it allows you to optimise your PPC campaigns for further success.

Depending on your business type and if you have a physical business location that’s open to the public, using Google Ads may also help increase footfall to your store. Whilst you can’t necessarily track if each store visit has come from a PPC ad, any small store would notice a sudden increase in footfall.


Increase brand awareness in your local area

Although Google PPC ads for local businesses are primarily used to generate local conversions, they can also be used to create awareness around your brand.

By having your ads seen by local users who have previously acknowledged your brand, you’re getting back in front of them and this will more than likely help result in a conversion at some point. Building trust between your brand and the customer is key in generating a conversion – having them recognise your brand in different locations (i.e. Google search results, Facebook, in-person etc), you’re helping build brand authority and trust.


Immediate Impact

The beauty of running PPC ads is that the results are almost immediate (providing you have well structured, well setup campaigns).

Unlike other marketing methods such as Facebook Ads and traditional marketing, PPC is focused on showing your ads to users looking for what you offer at a time when they’re most likely to convert. Because of this, you’re much more likely to see an immediate impact in your return on investment with Google PPC ads than you are with the majority of other marketing methods. 


Start running PPC ads for your local business!

Those are our 7 reasons why local businesses should use Google PPC ads! We hope you found this article informative and useful in your decision to invest in Pay Per Click marketing. 

If you would like to find out more information about Google PPC, or how we can help set up and manage your PPC campaigns, contact us!


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